Friday, July 9, 2010

The ScienceBlogs exodus and the holy land for geoblogs

Since ScienceBlogs have announced to host a Pepsi blog, Eruptions, Laelaps and Highly Allochthonous thought about leaving ScienceBlogs and are now looking for an alternative host for their blogs.

Of course there are a variety of possible hosts and many of us geobloggers use for example standard wordpress or blogger services. But in comparison with ScienceBlogs these are evil and infected with all kind of perverted blogs. I personally feel good here at blogger, however since my last Turkey visit I realised that this platform is blocked in some countries because of the many pornographic blogs there. And this stinks of course..

So where should a good geoblog go? I have also been asked if or Geoblogosphere News could offer a blogging platform. The answer is no, but maybe another purely scientific host like Nature Network would be the holy land for geoblogs?

Should I stay or should I go now..?