Friday, March 8, 2013

Introducing Lithologs

After some initial experiments with Psicat and SVG we can now offer a new, cool Snet tool: Lithologs

Lithologs is a tool which allows to create and plot lithological logs online. It is very inspired by Psicat and internally uses the Psicats XML to store litholog data. But unlike Psicat it plots lithological columns using SVG, which you can also embed in your blog, website etc. like this one (which you cannot see if your browser doesn't support SVG):

It further offers the possibility to store some basic metadata on these geological features.
The project is now in a very early alpha release phase.
More features are planned such as Psicat import and export, and the support of more standards such as OAI-PMH, Geo DC and in the future also GeoSciML..