Sunday, February 27, 2011

European Research Ranking

Last friday I published the first public beta version of a new -and very different- project: European Research Ranking is an attempt to calculate the importance of research institutions based on the publicly available CORDIS database published by the European Commission.

This database contains some basic information on projects which have been funded by the European Commission such as project funding, duration and participating institutions.

As a first approach I have defined three basic categories of which I think one could estimate the performance of a research institution within the European research area: Funding and project participantion performance, Networking activity and alliances, Diversity of research areas.
For each of these categories I have defined one or more performance indicators and based on these indicators I calculated a total score for each institution based on project CORDIS data from the year 2010.

The first results are very promising, the Top 100 list for 2010 can be visited at The clear winners of this ranking are french and german research organisations followed by well known top European universities such as the ETH, Cambridge, Leuven and Oxford.