Tuesday, January 28, 2014

EarthCube webinar series "Advances And Emergent Needs in Paleogeoscience Cyberinfrastructure"

The steering committee of the Collaboration and Cyberinfrastructure for Paleogeosciences (C4P) project announced a new webinar series "Advances And Emergent Needs in Paleogeoscience Cyberinfrastructure".

The first webinar will be held on Tuesday, 04 February 2014 at 1600h Eastern Time (2200h CET, 2000h UTC).

The topics on 04 February 2014 are "Community Inventory of EarthCube Resources for Geosciences Interoperability (CINERGI)" and the "Neotoma Database".

The link to the webinar is https://earthcube.webex.com/earthcube/j.php?ED=260505727&UID=1743065277&PW=NOGRjZmUzMDVl&RT=MiMxMQ%3D%3D%20 for 04 FEB 2014. The date stated at the link is updated weekly.

If a password is required, enter the Meeting Password: 73131647.

The format is 20 minutes per presenter, with two main parts:

  • a show-and-tell presentation of the science and the resource
  • (b) discussion of the key informatics needs that the resource is facing.
The intended audience for this webinar is professional paleogeoscientists and cyber/computer scientists.  All webinars will be recorded and publicly archived at http://workspace.earthcube.org/c4p/content/c4p-webinars

CINERGI EarthCube project (Ilya Zaslavsky)

Community Inventory of EarthCube Resources for Geosciences Interoperability. This Building Blocks project focuses on constructing a community inventory and knowledge base on geoscience information resources to meet the challenge of finding resources across disciplines, assessing their fitness for use in specific research scenarios, and providing tools for integrating and re-using data from multiple domains. The project team envisions a comprehensive system linking geoscience resources, users, publications, usage information, and cyberinfrastructure components. This system would serve geoscientists across all domains to efficiently use existing and emerging resources for productive and transformative research.


Neotoma Database (Eric Grimm)

Neotoma Paleoecology Database and Community is an online hub for data, research, education, and discussion about paleoenvironments. Anyone with an Internet connection can access Neotoma. The primary philosophy behind Neotoma is data sharing so that users can easily: Discover: find information efficiently by searching the database on spatial, temporal, and metadata criteria; Explore: interactively browse and visualize live data and metadata; Share: get data and information in a variety of useful formats (e.g., downloads, reports, graphics).