Friday, February 15, 2008

Surrender to the geographers? Never!

A few days ago at GFZ Potsdam we discussed whether we should continue fighting for the power of defining the term "geoinformatics" or whether we should leave the term for the geographers to play with and adopt something new. We decided to keep the term ... for now.

I remember distinctly from varsity in the 1990ies when someone suggested that we would need something like "biogeochemistry". This sounded really over the top at a time when "geochemistry" was already as interdisciplinary as one could go.

The time for "biogeoinformatics" will come, but for now I refuse to surrender the term "geoinformatics" to the geographers.

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Robert Huber said...

OK Jens! Lets fight and go to wikipdia to modify some of these definitions ;)