Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Fearless geologists

Stefan just sent me a scanned page of the Johannesburg Star, containing a very funny story about a (fictitious) 'Survivor' like tv show: Some geologists were sent to a very active volcano and the winner would be the 'hard-core' remaining geologist. I found some pdf scans of this article also on Chris Rowan's blog article Surviver: Geologists where you can read the whole story.

Regarding fearless geologists I also found MJC Rocks article A Carnival of Death-Defying Geologists ....

And there is this an article on Uncylcopedia on Geologists which is also very funny and worth of reading it ;)

Well, and I simply could not resist to post this picture showing 5 young fearless geologists jumping from a very high dune in central Iran - also sent to me by Stefan, who saved my day;)

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