Monday, December 15, 2008

Paleostrat is now GeoStratSys

Paleostrat has changed its name to GeoStratSys.

"The GeoStrat Digital Information System (GeoStratSys) provides a desktop working environment for stratigraphy-related geologic data. Providing a secure private working space, access to public data, imbedded GIS capabilities, and visualization and analytical tools, it may be used by individuals, collaborative projects, and organizations in support of research, publication, and public outreach. GeoStratSys is an evolutionary version of PaleoStrat that it replaces. It has been designed to move away from the classic web site that delivers static information to the next generation of web-accessible, digital information systems."

They just started, so most services are not yet finished. However this really sounds exiting! I'm pretty curious how the final system will look like.

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