Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Geoblogosphere News: Community involvement and hidden feature

Some of you already noticed (and clicked) the nice 'favorite' icons/links which now appear near each blog post summary at Geoblogosphere News. If you like a blog post you can now recommend it by clicking on it's star icon, the number of recommendations is then displayed beneath the icon.

This is my first 'real' community involvement experiment with Geoblogosphere news (except the 'add blog' page) and I hope you like it?
In the moment the recommendation procedure is very basic,I will surely have to add one additional step which will ask you to confirm the recommendation (you just recommended blog post XY are you sure Y/N?) and maybe some captcha to avoid 'geoblogospheric recommendation robots' ;)).

Ah.. and there is a hidden news feed functionality I have not documented before:
If you want to see blog posts in a distinct language only in your feed, just add the parameter &lang=. For example the feed URL for english posts only is

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