Thursday, April 30, 2009

Agetagging the Geoblogosphere - 2nd try

Some of you may already have noticed the new 'stratigraphic tag cloud' at Geoblogosphere News. After my first attempt to use the ageparser tool for stratigraphic indexing of geoblogosphere posts. This is a new attempt to add more semantics to Geoblogosphere News.

Any post summary is now sent to ageparser which returns the 'most likely chronostratigraphic context' of this post. These tags are store in the database and used to build the tag cloud which is an attempt to give a quick overview of the weekly stratigraphic focus of the geoblogosphere.

The fun part will be to use the temporal+spatial tags (agetags, geotags) to build some 4D search interface for Geoblogosphere News which will allow you to search for e.g. blog posts treating the Cretaceous of Spain..

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