Monday, September 7, 2009

Book recommendation: Willem Frederik Hermans - Beyond Sleep

Alfred Issendorf, a young dutch geology student is sent by his professor to the wilderness of Finnmark (Norway) to find proof of his advisor's hypothesis that certain lakes are meteorite craters. He has ambition but little talent and his quest soon turns into a real catastrophy.

I strongly hope there is no real analogue for Issendorf now stumbling around in the bavarian Chiemgau. The story strongly reminds me on what currently happens in Bavaria where the glacial Lake Tüttensee and some other depressions have been declared to represent remains of a postulated 'chiemgau impact'.

But wait.. you have to read the whole book first;)

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Jens Klump said...

For those fluent in Dutch, the book (orig. "Nooit meer slapen") has been recommended to me for its excellent language.