Monday, April 12, 2010

Twittering data - what to do with

I started using twitter last year and was quite impressed by the number of tools offering extra services on top of it.

Onfortunately there is nothing out there which is suited to send data.
You can of course simply link data to tweets via a short url (e.g. tinyurl), but it is impossible for your followers to identify what's behind a shorturl before you click on it. Could be data could be anything else..

Also data dois won't work unless there is something like a short-doi as twitter will shorten doi links to tinyurls.

But wouldn't it be much cooler to have all the twittered data at one -trusted- place? Twitpic is a good example how this works for twittered images.
To mimic a service like this for data and to allow to identify twittered data, the first thing needed is an own short url.

Fortunately, I got, one of the rare, left, semi-meaningfull three letter domains and so I started some trials:
My first approach was to allow manual data entry in a textarea or *.txt file upload to save data at I also added some nice javascript charts to display the data. The twiter API is quite simple, so it was easy to allow sign in via the twitter authentification service. Sending the data by twitter was also very easy by using the twitter API. Some example how sent looks like is : I also started to play with data dois, so you can now also send data by just entering a data doi.

All good so far, but after having fun programming all this I lost all confidence in this project. Is it be useful to send data via twitter anyway?
Any feedback is welcome!

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