Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Improving the Geoblogosphere's Alexa Ranking

Alexa Certified Traffic Ranking for http://geoblogs.stratigraphy.net

Did you know about Alexa? It is an Amazon company which provides -among other services- a web site "traffic rank" as a measure for a web site's or blog's importance. Beneath Google's Page Rank it is one of the most influential rankings, as it is often used to estimate the "value" of a site or blog. The Rank gives the position of a web site within the popularity hierarchy of the web. That means the higher the number, the less popular your site is. Google for example has an Alexa Rank of #14..

I was a bit disappointed to discover that Geoblogosphere News' Alexa ranking was higher than 5 Mio!!. And also most geoblogs I have checked have an Alexa rank which imho does not at all reflect their real value.

To check how your or other geoblogs is ranked by Alexa, you can visit the list at Geoblogosphere News at: http://geoblogs.stratigraphy.net/?action=list. Click on the question mark icon and you will see the Alexa Ranking and other information there.
Alternatively, you can also just visit the Alexa site and enter the URL you are interested in there.

Meanwhile I discovered a website which explained how this ranking works: it is dependent on the number of users visiting your site which have the Alexa Toolbar installed! After I installed the toolbar in my browser, the ranking significantly improved..

So it seems quite easy to improve the geoblogosphere's Alexa ranking. Just install the Alexa Toolbar and simply visit geoblogs. If a number of geobloggers would do that, the geoblogosphere's Alexa ranking and overall visibility of geoblogs would significantly improve!

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Silver Fox said...

Not sure I understand their rating system yet, but just noticed that you have my blog spelled with too many E's. Should be Detachment not Detachement.

Thanks for keeping up on all this. :)