Friday, March 28, 2008

Introducing Agenames

We are proud to announce a first 'alpha' release of 'Agenames' , a new Stratigraphy.Net project we started last year.

Agenames is very much inspired by the geonames initiative which collects and publishes geographical names and their coordinates. In analogy, Agenames aims to collect stratigraphic terms in relation to their chronostratigraphic position (relative age).
So if you need to find out what e.g. the 'Ammergauer Schichten' or the 'Black Donald Pluton' means Agenames might help..

But Agenames will offer more! We have started some first experiments with Ageparser a text parsing tool which uses the Agenames index and is able to scan documents for stratigraphic terms, thus identify the stratigraphic context of a publication.
We will use Ageparser for stratigraphic indexing of geoscientific documents with the ultimate goal of a 4D (space and time) search engine ... sometimes...

To learn more visit the Agenames homepage at or visit the EGU 2008 in Vienna where Jens will give a talk on Agenames at Wednesday, 16 April 2008.

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