Monday, March 3, 2008

Taxonomy as a form of art

From 29 February to 9 March 2008 the Natural History Museum in Berlin is stage for "HUM - The Art of Collecting - A Taxomaniac Parcours". The parcours leads through the Natural History Museum collection and touches on issues such as:
- The meaning of names, originals and order,
- The temporal validity of knowledge,
- The scope of cognition and pattern recognition,
- The economy of categories,
- The mental and vital capacity of our world.
The performance is complemented by interviews with the museum's custodians.


Anonymous said...

how can i get in contact with you? i am a gis masters student at san diego state university, but i work at a lab (also at sdsu) studying phage and coral and other stuff like that, and i plan on applying for a phd in bioinformatics this fall...

i am also extremely interested in visualization of taxonomic/phylogentic information

i would leave my email address but im hesitant to put it out in the open

biogeoinformatician?!? i was just thinking that!!!

Robert Huber said...

just send a mail to