Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Chronotagging vs. agetagging

The new version of ageparser is almost ready to be released, so I was thinking which term would be appropriate to describe what ageparser does.

Ageparser V.2 is going to provide a REST webservice which will analyse strings or webpages for stratigraphically relevant terms and return the weighted results (the identified stratigraphical units and their chronostratigraphic position) as JSON or XML. So basically, the service returns a list of stratigraphic terms which can be use to describe or tag the content of a document. Therefore I thought something like 'agetagging' or 'chronotagging' perfectly describes what ageparser does.

After googling for those terms I found that 'chronotagging' is already used when a page is tagged with a specific date. But 'agetagging' seems to be a term which does not yet have another meaning, so I probably will use 'agetagging'..

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