Sunday, October 5, 2008

Stratigraphy for web searches: Agesearch

This is a screenshot of Snet's latest toy: Agesearch. It is a demonstration mashup of basically two web services, the Google API as well as our own Ageparser REST service. I will post more technological details about all this soon.

Agenames is a scientific web search engine which allows to estimate the "stratigraphy" of web search results. It scans found web pages for names of stratigraphic units, e.g. litho-, chrono or biostratigraphic zones, and displays the best matching stratigraphic context of the search term.

It can be useful if you need a quick estimate on the stratigraphic context of e.g. a geographic region or a distinct fossil name try e.g. this search for Morozovella angulata. You can also do some fun queries, e.g. to give an overview on the stratigraphic expertise of one of your colleagues if you enter his name.

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