Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Agetagging the Geoblogosphere - 1st try

I took blogs of the last 7 days listed in Geoblogosphere - News and threw them against my ageparser tool. Here is a wordle illustrating the result of my first attempt to agetag the geoblogosphere.
The stratigraphic focus of the last 7 days seems to be on the Ordovician - really?. The difficulty is to identify the 'real content' of a blog and the results seem to be biased by the surrounding html somehow. For example Geology.com News has a 'related stories' section with numerous entries on Barnett Shale.


Anonymous said...

Now that your GBS dataset has so tremendously grown, do you plan a “2nd try”?

Robert Huber said...

Yes, there will be a second try.. maybe there will be something like a weekly startigraphic summary I still think of it..