Sunday, January 25, 2009

News from the Geoblogoshere News

This is just a short update on the latest changes of Geoblogoshere News.

  • Geoblogosphere News now shows the latest Geoblog articles from the current week, before it just took the latest 100 or something enties from it's index.
  • You can now check older blog articles by following the link '>>last week>>' which is a bit hidden on the bottom of the page.
  • Blogs are now categorized by language and by clicking on one of the languages listed on the top of the page you'll see blog articles of the selected language only.
  • There is a News Feed available at
  • The list of blogs is growing .. check !


Unknown said...


Silver Fox said...

Robert, can you tell me what feed url you are using for my website(Looking for Detachment)? I am not getting through to the rest of the geoblogosphere, but my last post did show up on your Geoblogosphere News yesterday.

Thanks for publishing the news, and it's a nice upgrade to have the listing by week and to be able to click through to different language blogs at once.

Robert Huber said...

Silver Fox, I'm using this feed: is this correct?

Silver Fox said...

Robert, I didn't know about the summary feed, but it looks like it works fine. The feed you have shows my posts in the order they were originally posted (on Geoblogosphere News), including the one I ended up deleting, with a dead link, which seems fine. The AllGeo feed has that post stuck way back in July, I think because it's filtered through GoogleReader.

There's a lot about this feed stuff I don't know. But maybe I know more than I did a couple days ago!

Anonymous said...

Is there a possibility to aid Geoblogosphere News with determining the language?

(I just found out that my English posts end up as German.)

Thanks for your help!

Robert Huber said...

Hi Effjot!

I will change the language of your blog to english.

I am about planning some editorial tools which will allow others to join and contribute e.g. change language data or add some ifos such as country, main discipline etc - see discussion on Michael Welland's blog. One thing which will definetely will be there is a page to change blog details. Would you (and/or others reading this) be interested to be part of such a 'Editorial Board'?


Anonymous said...

Hi Robert, thanks for changing the blog language. I think "English" will fit better, as I will write most geology-related posts in that language. OTOH, the German posts will then show up on the wrong page. :-(

Alas, the language tag of RSS belongs into channel, so doesn't seem possible to mark an individual item's language. Perhaps there are some tools to automatically determine a text's language?

Regarding the “Editorial Board”: If I understand you correctly, the Board would act as a contact for requests from the blog owners, do corrections, etc., in order to relieve you from the administrative burden?

I could certainly help with that.

Robert Huber said...

Thank you Effjot!any help from the geoblogospheric community will be very welcome, I'll let you know when I have some tools ready..