Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Some half-baked geoinformatics project ideas

My new year started quite strange: I had a horrible eye infection which forced me to stay in the hospital for one week and of course kept me away from my laptop for some weeks. The good thing about that was that I had a lot (!) of time to think about new projects.
Here is a list of these half-baked ideas which I wrote down after I recovered:

  • Discover how open OneGeology is: OneGeology is based on OGC standards (I assume at least) it would be interesting if OneGeology offers a common access point to OGC services such as WMS or WFS or maybe something like a develloper API to reuse it's data. This is something I'll definetely will check out soon.
  • Start a 'Open Geology Maps' project: this could be something which is similar to the Open Street Maps Project but deals with geological maps. There must be thousands of geologigal maps out there which have been drawn by students, scientists and amateurs after field work and now rest in piece somewhere. It would be interesting to offer a website where these maps can be uploaded and integrated e.g. within Google Maps.
  • Work on a Geoblog tagging system: This system probably is going to be reality sometimes... the idea has meanwhile been discussed on Chris Rowan's blog and was mentioned before on Michael Welland blog.
  • Make use of GBIFs Collection ID and Metadata as LSID replacement: Unfortunately my notes on this are completely confusing and I really cannot remember what the idea basically was about. Was it really antibiotics only you gave me doctors?;)


Mathias said...

Good to know you recovered well! I like especially the 2nd idea. I have maps from 3 mapping practises whose only purpose so far is to catch a lot of dust. Would be a shame to let them go to waste.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! Continuing on item 3, I've quickly looked into creating google earth layers/tags. I'm absolutely hopeless on the techy details, but google earth have a "spreadsheet mapper" that makes translation from a spreadsheet to xml apparently easy. See

It would seem feasible to create a layer which tags members of the geoblogosphere and the locations of specific posts. Apologies if you know all this already - for myself, I'm on a bit of a learning curve!

Robert Huber said...

Thank you for your kind wishes!
Michael, thank you for your hint on Google maps. I think I'll first need to code some kind of 'editorial interface' for Geoblogosphere News, which will enable some community involvement to collect all this information... Our ideas (Chris,Chris and me) on tagging included also tagging the content of a blog article.

Anonymous said...

I'm just cross-referencing Ron Schott's post here - probably not necessary, but just wanted to make sure that all these pieces of the discussion get together.

Anonymous said...

ah - of course ignore previous comment - I see that the conversation is already underway!