Thursday, February 28, 2008

TaxonConcept's Taxon Concepts II

Well, it is done ;) Here is an example which shows how our TCS XML looks like:

TCS seems to be really the XML standard to describe TaxonConcepts synonymy list entries.
The only open problem is how fine the granularity of a data set should be. I have now included any synonymy list of a distinct taxon in one TCS file. So our TCS granularity is at the taxon level. A finer granularity at he synonymy list level however also seems to be reasonable.


Jens Klump said...

How about encoding the references themselves in Dublin Core? That would make the references machine readable, too.

Robert Huber said...

Proper handling of literture metadata is surely a weakness of TCS, however Dublin Core wouldn't do the job either.. no elements for page ranges, editors etc..
Maybe, we can extend the TCS a bit for TaxonConcept purposes, I would also like to use TCS+ to include descriptions, spatial and temporal and links to images etc.