Thursday, February 12, 2009

Darwin, darwini, darwinii, darwinianus, darwinianum

Well, here is something to contribute to 'Blogging about Darwin' and has at something to do with Snet: A TaxonConcept query for 'darwin' discovers 12 taxon names containing the term darwin in the second epithet.

It seems as if these taxa have been introduced to honor Charles Darwin. As you can see in the result list, there are a variety of possibilities to latinise Darwin's name there is darwini, darwinii, darwinianus and darwinianum.

I found it also rather astonishing that some of the names have been assigned by d'Orbigny to honor Darwin as early as in the 40th of the 19th century! But obviously Darwin and d'Orbigny knew each other quite well frequently exchanged letters.

The TaxonConcept results list is by far not a complete list, for more results you can check also other databases such as ubio, which shows >300 matches for 'darwinii'. Here you will also find some names containing darwiniana..

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