Wednesday, February 11, 2009

GPeerReview: Rumours about a new Google peer review tool

Some blogs, e.g. DigitalKoans or NeuroDojo have reported about a new "Google" peer review tool called GPeerreview. Despite the leading G in it's name it certainly is not a member of the Google family but simply is published at and hosted by "Google Code" which led to some confusion.

However, the concept of GPeerreview is very interesting and might influence the future of scientific publishing. GPeerreview is mainly a piece of software, "a command-line tool that makes it simple to write a review of someone's work and digitally".

But the review concept itself significantly differs from the traditional peer review process, as the author of a (electronic) publications would have much more influence on the whole procedure, and it would allow authors to use a peer review process outside the world of scientific journals, e.g on their homepages and -halleluja!- blogs!

This is a short summary of features from their homepage:

With GPeerReview, you can:
  • Publish immediately (and get reviews later),
  • Seek an unlimited number of reviews,
  • Verify the integrity of the reviews,
  • Verify the credibility of the reviewers,
  • Publish without limitation on format, style, or number of pages,
  • Maintain complete copyright ownership of your works, and
  • Enhance the acclaim of your already-published works.

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