Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Online lithology logs

After my first experiments with PSICAT's XML format and SVG, I have started to code a nice little tool which should allow to create lithology logs online!

The whole thing is again based on PSICAT's format. Of course it still lacks many features, however a nice new one is that the tool allows to create both, top-bottom (well logs) as well as bottom-top (outcrop logs) profiles. Astonishingly, this is not suported by most of the tools I wave seen so far.

The current version is very, very basic, it allows to create intervals, beds, to define different lithologies, grain sizes etc.. It still has no name, produces a lot of debug code, results cannot be saved (unless you copy and save the XML and the SVG), it comes without warranty and is therefore very, very alpha..

You can play with it here:

Don't expect too much ;)

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