Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Top of the Blogs: Geoblogosphere's weekly reviews

Geobulletin now has a new 'weekly review' page, a summary of the Geoblogosphere's weekly blogging activity.
The 'weekly review' page shows the top 10 most active and most visited blogs. It gives a rough overview on the topics treated in geoblogs by listing the most frequently used keywords and the places and stratigraphic ages most often used in blog posts. Further, it shows a list of the Geoblogosphere's top 10 blog posts based on the visits tracked at


Anonymous said...

That's quite nice, thanks!

But again, I have a question/suggestion. ;-)

Could you add the blog name and the short texts (beginning of the post) to the RSS feed? That would be quite nice.

Robert Huber said...

Good suggestion,
The source was already included, but most readers do not display that..
I have added a summary tag and I'll additionally show the source there.. it should work for geobulletin atom feeds.

Anonymous said...

Terrific! Thank you!

Markus said...

It would be nice when the rel="nofollow" attribute in the links tags could be removed (in the aggregated view on

As it were to "repay" (for SEO) grabbing the content of an enlisted page.